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Character Name: Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard
Canon: Stargate: Atlantis
Canon Point: 5.05 Ghost in the Machine
Background/History: canon | john

Personality: John is your all-around American guy, he loves football and golf (playing the latter, watching the former), beer, pizza, and he's in the Air Force what kid doesn't dream of being a fighter pilot. Only he gets to take it to the next level; he even gets to fly a space shuttle one time, which had been a longtime fantasy of his though nearly getting burned up in the atmosphere of a distant moon hadn't been part of it. He's diplomatic, charismatic, a likeable guy. He's also a giant nerd, though he keeps these facts better concealed until he knows you a little. He took the MENSA test, scored pretty damn high, and never did anything about it, for instance. He's a master of any game that can be boiled down to math, like chess and tetris. And he's a huge Marvel geek, constantly siting examples from different comics or episodes to boost morale, though being that half his team is from the Pegasus galaxy and McKay likes DC better these often miss their mark. He likens himself to Spiderman, Mr. Fantastic, and many others over the course of the series.

Being that he possesses the ATA, or ancient gene, and much stronger than anyone else in the City even after they've all received the gene therapy (it's still only accepted in 47% of cases, and those who have the gene injected don't seem to have it to the same degree as those who have it naturally, anyway) he comes across as a bit of a 'Mary Sue' in the first season. He is “better” than everyone else, he reveals his own genius intelligence to Rodney, the smartest person in the City, his flying skills are unmatched, and the only man who outranks him dies from a wraith feeding pretty early on. John shoots him himself to avoid the nastier after-affects of such a thing, and instead of facing court-marshal he's promoted. This syndrome wears off into Season 2, but he never quite stops getting hit on by alien women. It's the hair.

When he was stationed in Afghanistan, he went against direct orders to cross back through enemy territory to try and save the lives of his team. He is unsuccessful and they all die, but himself, and he forever has a dark mark on his military record. This doesn't prevent him from gaining a very prestigious position as military leader of Atlantis, of course, but it also means they don't have to deal with his antics on Earth. John refuses to ever lose another member of his team, fighting tooth and nail and throwing himself in harm's way episode after episode. And even though Teyla and Ronon aren't even from his galaxy, he's taken his share of bullets for them (oh and shot them, too. But his mind had been compromised to where he thought he was back in Afghanistan.)

John was married once, to a diplomat named Nancy. We never learn all that much about her, but we do know he never intends to marry again. He's “not good at it” by his own admission. Whatever that means is open to interpretation, but he's claimed it was because of his Special Ops training that he “wasn't around enough.” This may be where he gets the inspiration for being so good with the locals of the Pegasus galaxy, but it's also in his character arc that he's growing; learning to compromise for the greater good. Stargate likes metaphors.

Atlantis becomes more of a home to John than Earth ever was. He's divorced, not in contact or in good graces with his family, and he doesn't really have anyone else. However, his team and expedition leader Elizabeth Weir become a “surrogate family” in Rodney McKay's words. Dr. Carson Beckett, the head of medical, also becomes close to him and his team, but he dies in late Season 3 much to the tragedy of this core group (especially Rodney). John is petrified of losing anyone else, and blames himself for any threat to his people's lives. That doesn't stop the Stargate writers from flagrantly killing off Marines under his command every episode. They're practically the “red shirts” of this galaxy. All John has in his quarters from home is an old Superbowl game on VHS and a Johnny Cash poster. Oh, and of course, his golf clubs. He sets up a putting green on one of the balconies of Atlantis, but of course it's just one giant water hazard.

He is a very curious soul, and even when he doesn't need to know everything, he wants to know everything. He has a natural thirst for knowledge that only grows stronger once he's stationed in Atlantis. Though he tries to deny it to himself, he wants to know more about the Wraith, and actually strives to work with them on more than one occasion. It's as if he senses early on that they are not what they seem on the surface: soul-sucking vampires who are implicitly evil. Unfortunately, despite all his working with Beckett on the retrovirus which turns Wraith human doesn't turn out as planned and he's once again faced with genocide. His own moral dilemma never interfere with his judgment in the heat of battle, however. At the end of the day he is always very much a soldier and will always do what needs to be done.

On the lighter side, John loves to be silly and joke around with his friends, when they aren't in imminent danger (not often, admittedly). Okay, and he also jokes around when they are in danger, just not as much. His pastimes are playing games with Rodney of all shapes and various mental aptitudes, sparring in the Athosian style with two bantos sticks with Teyla (he always gets his ass kicked), and trying to teach Ronon more about Earth. He's also a huge gossip!!! At least, with his team. They talk about boys and girls and their crushes like twelve year olds. John is just a twelve year old underneath it all anyway :(

The reason his family no longer speaks to him is that he joined the Air Force; the only thing he ever truly wanted to do. As a child he builds scale models of air planes and dreams of one day taking to the sky, though never in his wildest dreams did he imagine what he'd be doing today. He's only ever had himself to rely on, and the military offers him a degree of family he can't refuse. Even before Atlantis, he was always volunteering for suicide missions and throwing himself in harm's way, valuing others lives far above his own. They have people to return to, a life back on Earth (or Pegasus, as it were), and he'll be damned if his life is the one to stand in their way. It's luck or fate or perhaps even the City looking out for him that gets him through each scrape death-free, but part of him will always want to go out in a blaze of glory.

Despite all this talk of death and morbidity, he is overall positive, often imparting encouraging words at the zero hour. While he always allows Rodney enough time to conjure up a safer, scientific solution, at the man's failure he always has a tactical plan on the back-burner. His genius is evident in these moments, even when he himself doesn't seem to know what the plan is. The second he's under pressure, he comes through simply because he knows there's no other choice. John Sheppard does his best thinking under pressure, and often won't think unless you pressure him to. Not to say that his plans always work, more often than not they don't. But he's the only one brave enough to not accept death and failure when it's breathing down their necks, oftentimes.

He has a hard time admitting fault, or apologizing, though he'll do so in a heartbeat if it's necessary. He's highly competitive and often places bets with Rodney in their eleventh hour just to keep everyone jovial. He very obviously never collects on them even when he's right; it's merely a tactic for keeping himself and everyone around him calm. John is good at that, influencing his surroundings, both literally and more subtly. Though he's always running around doing stupid things, you can't help but admire the thought behind it, and that may be why he never gets in trouble (really) for any of the crazy stunts he pulls. Maybe it's because he's in another galaxy though after Season 2 it's only about a half hour travel time between Atlantis and Earth so we'll just assume Stargate Command on Earth is busy and therefore way behind on mission reports otherwise John would be in some serious shit like all the time. Or we could just chalk it up to science fiction TV show rules. Yeah. Let's go with that.

John is the kind of guy you know for a day and feel like you've known for a lifetime. He makes his positions clear, rarely lies though he does conceal, and is just such the typical fearless leader type you have to relate. But underneath all the posturing and Lieutenant Colonel there is a very real and very vulnerable man. He uses all these many layers of jokes and references and gruffness to hide how unsure he often is, and he does it well. He rarely loses confidence at face-value though he spends most of his life terrified. However, he would never ever let it hold him back. John isn't the type to let anything hold him back, not standing orders or an Act of God himself, not that John believes in the latter. At least the United States military is something tangible. If something doesn't jive with his personal ethics he won't do it no matter what. And first on that list is letting people die, as we touched on before.

He can be so oblivious, despite how smart he really is, often living up to the dense nature of the act he puts on. Naive too, especially when it comes to women. He never really 'flirts,' at least, not on purpose, and he finds himself in over his head more often than not. Especially being that he's not looking for a girlfriend!! Gosh. That being said he has a very hard time not becoming attached to people, and quickly, though when they die the soldier in himself is also quick to accept facts. When it's not his team, that is. When Elizabeth is dying in the Season 4 opener he is beside himself, and he nearly has a heart-attack every time Rodney's life is at risk, though he always denies it later.

Having been through his share of dream-sequences, or fake-memories, if you will, upon arriving in Haven he'll be insistent that it isn't real and also that his team is coming to get him. This won't stop him from integrating here or helping out, as we saw in the episode in which John spent six months with a village of Ancients hoping to ascend. He'll probably liken this experience to that one, being that he had to fight a giant invisible beast in order to keep his life while there. His vast experiences on Earth and in Pegasus will help him come to terms with this perhaps quicker than another person, and it is my hope he'll do very well in this setting. In summation, no one will be surprised when he seduces an alien princess on his first day without so much as breaking a sweat.

Abilities/Powers: As mentioned in the previous section, John possesses the ATA gene. Not that it'll do him much good here. He was trained in Special Ops, Desert Storm, but he has terrible navigation skills. One might even call him a Wrong Way Corrigan. His hand-to-hand is strong, even superior when it's a regular human one-on-one type scenario. The people of Pegasus, like Ronon and Teyla, have much more of a MMA background and while they try to teach him and he does improve, he's still nowhere near at that level. He is, however, quite knowledgeable in all sorts of weapons and tech, and he can backwards-program anything that has to do with numbers. He's a math genius, really, and his military mind is pretty keen as well. It's like he has the ability to see 12 steps ahead at all times. But really, his mind just works like that.

Obviously none of this is supernatural, he's just an Air Force pilot who passed a MENSA exam.
Sample Entry:
McKay. Teyla. Ronon. Come in, this is Sheppard. I repeat, come in... Oh, for God's sake. They didn't really ditch me again, did they? At least I have you, radio-oh. Not my radio. [A crash is heard, it's from John throwing the given cellphone across the floor so the rest of this sounds very far away and he has no idea you can hear him.]

I'd really like some clothes! [he shouts to the empty doorway, giving the sleeping man in the bed next to him a dirty look.] Or at least, a powerbar...

This looks way too advanced for the Genii... no Wraith tech, nothing Ancienty. This looks like Earth. [Something about that seems to bother him.] And please don't tell me I'm doing that in-my-head thing again because this doesn't even look familiar so that wouldn't even make sense. Alright, John. Think about this. Start over... from the beginning.

[He's pacing, the padding of his bare feet against cool tile being picked up vaguely every time he walks past the fallen phone.] You were on M3—the planet with the monkeys. And then... let's skip that part, you're here now, and you'll get back to Atlantis if you can just. Think.

[But there was nothing between the flying monkey planet and waking up here.] I must've been stunned, and drugged... all my stuff is gone. But who would do this? Alright--

[A scraping sound as he picks up the phone begrudgingly,] I don't have time for this. Who are you and what do you want?

Sample Entry Two:
John knew only two things about this reality: he was going to blame his being here on one Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay, and he was going to escape no matter what the cost. He tried to clear his head of the fog the medication had left over his mind, taking what little cover he could as he worked his way down the corridor, his first mission: clothes. Food was up there on his priority list though, too. Just how the hell long had it been since he'd had a steaming plate of nachos? It was probably just the drugs, but he could eat his weight in that plastic cheese stuff right about now.

He went back to the moment he'd woken up in this place, that all-too-familiar feeling of coming to in an unfamiliar setting. Disorientation didn't even begin to describe what it felt like, and even while terror clutched his chest he'd known he couldn't stay in that room any longer—even if he wasn't any closer to answers wandering around alone in this hospital. Which was creepy enough without reminding himself of it. John made a face, his cheeks felt prickly and he couldn't stop thinking about jell-o, and those flying monkey things on the planet he'd visited a few hours before.

Was he meant to believe Atlantis had been some sort of dream? That the best five years of his life, even if they had been the weirdest, had up and vanished in the blink of an eye?

“I'm not buying it, that's just too convenient.” He shook his head; he had to keep moving. If he was discovered who knew what sort of horrible experimentation might commence. What if they had already implanted something in his consciousness? It was especially eerie considering what was waiting for him back in the City. His City. “I sound like Rodney.”

John had to laugh at himself, sliding down the wall as his head lulled back, exhaustion overtaking every inch of him. Maybe a nap wouldn't hurt, just a short one, to get his strength back...